SEA Student Vacation Revision Programme 2022

SEA Vacation Revision Programme 2022
The Vacation Revision Programme 2022 will run for four (4) weeks during the period of July 18 to August 12, 2022, at selected secondary schools in a face-to-face format. An emphasis will be placed on small class sizes in Mathematics and English Language Arts as well as other activities. These classes will be conducted between 9:00 am to 3:00 pm daily.

Parents of students requiring these revision classes will be specifically advised that their child is expected to register and attend a school closest to their home to minimise transportation costs. School uniforms will not be required for these classes but appropriate attire as per school entry rules are advised.

Attendance will be monitored by the School Supervision and Management Division while psycho social support for both students and parents will be offered by the Student Support Services Division. The National Schools Dietary Services Limited will provide both breakfast and lunch meals for the students attending the Vacation Revision Programme 2022.
Students with a Composite Standard Score (weighted) of less than 208.653 (less than 50%) are encouraged to apply using the link or scanning the QR Code below.

sea qr

List of Schools to be Used as Centres for the Vacation Revision Programme 2022
1. Barataria North Secondary
2. Brazil Secondary
3. Blanchisseuse Secondary
4. Carapichaima West Secondary
5. Chaguanas North Secondary
6. Chaguanas South Secondary
7. Diego Martin North Secondary
8. East Mucurapo Secondary
9. El Dorado East Secondary
10. El Dorado West Secondary
11. Five Rivers Secondary
12. Malick Secondary
13. Manzanilla Secondary
14. Matura Secondary
15. Mayaro Secondary
16. Moruga Secondary
17. Morvant Laventille Secondary
18. Mucurapo West Secondary
19. Pleasantville Secondary
20. Point Fortin West Secondary
21. Princes Town East Secondary
22. Rio Claro East Secondary
23. San Juan North Secondary
24. Sangre Grande Secondary
25. Siparia East Secondary
26. Siparia West Secondary
27. South East Port of Spain Secondary
28. Success Laventille Secondary
29. Tranquillity Secondary
30. Toco Secondary
31. Union Claxton Bay Secondary
32. Valencia Secondary

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