Good day,

Please note the following details on our road race and sports day :

Sports day
Date : Friday 24th February 2023
Venue : Field of Dreams, Clifton Hill, Point Fortin

Road Race
Date : Thursday 23rd February 2023
Start : 6:00AM at the school’s compound
Please see the map below outlining the route for the road race.

  • Both sport day and road race day PARENTS and PAST PUPILS can take part in the events.
  • POINTS WILL BE AWARDED to participants for their HOUSES as well as first, second and third place prizes (given on sport day).
  • Vendors willing to trade on that day must seek permission from the school before the sport day.
  • NO SNOW CONES ALLOWED. The school will be selling snow cone.

hncpf road race with water stops

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